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  'Train the Medical Trainer'
   Virtual Course

A practical, easy to follow, virtual two day course for each level to consolidate and accreditate senior clinical teaching skills.

Who should Attend:
Clinical/academic faculty ( any specialty) involved in teaching, training, supervising, examining and providing formal and informal feedback to clinical trainees.

What are the Learning Outcomes?
(Based on knowledge /skill gap) 
Basic: Learner will become familiar with the basic concepts in learning and teaching medical education.

What are the Learning Objectives?(How will the gap be covered?)
 Learner will be able to:
  • describe the fundamental principles of a medical educator
  • identify the main  adult learning theories
  • differentiate between learning, teaching & training
  • differentiate between syllabus and curriculum
  • outline the salient features of various curricular models
  • differentiate between Horizontal n vertical integration
  • differentiate between 11 steps of Integration ladder.
  • list principles of integrated curriculum
  • use of tips of developing an integrated curriculum
  • define elements of a course design
  • formulate learning objectives for teaching resources using Bloom's Taxonomy

    Learner will be able to:
  • identify the 3 main domains of learning
  • clarify different types of delivery of course content (small vs large group & face to face vs remote)
  • recognise medical education faculty roles & responsibilities
  • know the fundamentals of assessments in medical education
  • use WPBAs (Work Place Based Assessments) effectively
  • receive a summary of learning objectives to be covered in level 2 course.

Learner will be able to:
master the essentials in setting assessments including types, reliability, validity , post hoc analysis etc.

Face to Face  + Online


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Two day sessions


Please contact us as fee will vary according to the number of delegates in the group.
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