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Negotiating for your next Career move as a SAS doctor!

Make the most of the SAS doctors watershed moment! Now is the time to negotiate your personal and professional development plan. As NHS recovers from the aftermath of the covid pandemic, the role of SAS has emerged much stronger than before. In this course we provide golden nuggets as tips to negotiate with your colleagues, employers and wider stakeholders to progress forwards!

After attending this course , you will have:
  • an overview of common challenges needing negotiation in clinical context
  • recognise where patient safety is likely to be compromised
  • understand more about behaviour patterns
  • learn the techniques used in such negotiations



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Starting date

Half Day 


0900 - 1400 GMT


6 hours


£ 110

What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course attempts to empower the SAS doctors with vital tips and techniques of understanding the basics of good and effective negotiation skills in the context of SAS contracts, career progression and CPD.

Throughout this course you will discover how effective negotiators:

  • Make use of opportunities
  • Take inspiration from their predecessors who have successfully negotiated before
  • Master communication skills relevant in the given context
  • Respond to the difficult challenges maintaining personal stance yet open to feasible options i
  • Present their case in a strong  and credible manner

Our delegates love us

The multiple different courses and options for learning new skills, refreshing old ones or trying different challenges, and the platform experience are superb.
The course faculty are inspirational and most important are clinical and have walked the path with success and hence provide valid real life guidance to develop as a SAS doctor.
I found the course very relevant and easy to follow for my personal developmental journey and there was guidance all the way through and even after the course was done.
Naila is an experienced educationists and clinician. She joined the NHS 30 years ago as a locally employed doctor and later became a SAS doctor. She takes pride in the fact that she has developed her career over the years and holds important senior leadership positions.
Naila is an FRCOG, Fellow of Higher Education Authority UK. She has done a Masters in Medical Education from Imperial College and a Certificate from Harvard University USA in Patient Safety, Leadership Health Informatics and Quality.
She brings her wealth of experience and credibility  in designing and delivering courses matched to the target audience in context.
naila kamal
Graham Knight is module leader and visiting lecturer at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. He has designed and delivered medical management education programmes for 15 years in partnership senior medical colleagues in a number of clinical specialties. He has supported commissioning and provider transformation programmes and co-chaired working groups in a number of acute, mental health, community specialties and long-term conditions areas. He is also working with the MedRet Healthcare Academy to deliver high-quality medical education internationally
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