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Building Emotional Resilience in Healthcare

This course aims to address the following 3 questions:
  1. What is meant by emotional resilience in healthcare
  2. Why is it important to employees as well as employers
  3. How should it be nurtured (with practical techniques)

This course is unique  in the following 3 ways:
  1. It is developed and delivered by a frontline clinical team
  2. It uses real life clinical scenarios 
  3. It provides practical techniques for individual needs in resilience building


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Course to be booked as small groups of 10-15

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Full day
Pre-course Reading  -2 hours
Online Morning Session - 3 hours
Online Afternoon Session  - 3 hours
Post course workbook - (Ongoing)


£ 75
$ 100  
(Group booking discounts available)

What you are going to learn

Why Resilience?

There is an International crisis of 'post-covid workforce burnout', in healthcare.
The one thing that can help mitigate the retention crisis is for all stakeholders to appreciate the importance of resilience building and facilitate ways to do so at all levels.

This course attempts to fill the knowledge gaps in understanding role of resilience building in healthcare and aids in cultivating 
specific skills, habits, and attitudes that promote resilience. 
By the end of this course you will:
  • Be aware of the current burning platform story in healthcare 
  • Explore your own burning platform story
  • Familiarise with ways of building resilience
  • Identify the ones that will help you 
  • Reflect upon a short term and a long term plan bespoke for your needs.
  • Commit to self to work on it

Who should attend?

  • Employers/HR Directors/Staff
  • Health & Well-Being officers
  • Healthcare welfare budget holders
  • Clinicians
  • Paramedical staff
  • Medical Directors
  • Any one who would like to understand and avail this opportunity that may be directly or indirectly relevant to them

Course Content
Available upon course registration

Course reviews

"Resilience in Healthcare is a 'must attend' online course for all stakeholders who wish to facilitate clinician and workforce well being and retention in healthcare "
Group member - Team participation 
"The team delivered a very high emotion content in a very sensitive and nurturing manner to help heal the sadness and anger often found in the frontline workforce due to unprecedented stressors in covid pandemic."
A multiprofessional team in ER
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